Love Local Food - local food for Exeter

The Mobile Shop Produce

The Mobile Shop Produce


We buy as local as we can. Exeter baked bread and Shillingford grown vegetables. However .. we do buy from further afield aswell.


We love our food not to sprayed and we love our food to be grown with care and love. However .. not all our stock is organic.


Generally if it is not growing in Devon we will not stock it. However .. we do break the rules sometimes so you will find ginger and lemons on the shelves!


What we do and what our producers do needs to be self supporting which means fair prices and no dependence on funding. Our education and community work is sometimes funded through a variety of sources.


We pay a fair price to our producers. We have to cover the costs of running our shop. Does that mean that we are more expensive than the big shops? Try us out. You might be surprised!

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