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Love Local Food in Cranbrook

We had a lovely time at St Martin's in Cranbrook as part of the Food Glorious Food project.

The mobile shop was open for families after school.

The Year 6s spent the day exploring food questions.

Where do you buy food from? This is the start of a food map.

Lemons? Local? That was a good discussion about food miles as we prepared a kale smoothie!

Some feedback!

“I did not know that leeks were related to onions”
“Squashes are related to pumpkins”
“I didn’t know that so many children were unsure what a leek is!”
“I didn’t know you could use earth to decorate pottery”
“I now know that the earth is very important as without it:plants would not grow,animals couldn’t survive and humans couldn’t survive.”
“Nobody knew what a parsnip was at first!”
“He gets his food from all different suppliers such as Emma,who makes cakes and Dave,who roasts the coffee beans”
“This is brilliant! I want to work for Kevin!”

Posted on 24 Mar 2016, 9:55 - Category: Projects

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