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The Mobile Shop at School

The mobile shop went to school yesterday! Willowbrook Primary are part of Devon Developement Education's "Food Glorious Food" project and we are partners in this. So yesterday the mobile shop spend the day at this very friendly school. The Year 4 classes visited the shop and explored some the issues to do with where we buy our food.

During the day we ...
.. compared the different journies of Wiseman Dairy and Ashclyst Dairy milk by running around on the playground and becoming milking machines.
.. identified seasonal vegetables and tasted raw horseradish .. very hot on the tongue!
.. created kale smoothies and looked at the different food miles of all the ingredients. Thanks Shillingford Organic for the kale!!
.. looked at "clean" and "dirty" carrots and though about which one we would buy
.. made a human bar chart of our local shopping habits
.. post it noted a huge sketch map on the floor of all the places you could buy food locally

And then at the end the mobiel shop was open for business with the school families. Big thanks to the parent who arrived with her shopping trolly to pick up some bargain Devon potatoes sourced through our friends at F Milfords. At only 40p this was cheaper than Aldi and Tesco (price compared on the 21st February!)

It was a busy and productive day. Thanks Willowbrook for inviting us in. Next stop is St Martin's Primary in Cranbrook.

Posted on 27 Feb 2016, 13:54 - Category: education

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