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Wild birds and Farmland

Thanks to Maurice Baker for this swirl of Linnets

We had an ear and eye opening walk around West Town Farm led by RSPB's Nigel Hewitt. Although I have been exploring West Town for the last few years it is always a joy when someone shows a new layer of its fabric. Just listening and unpicking the calls and songs was fascinating. A Tree creeper creeping up an alder and then flying down and round to start again and a flock of hundreds of Linnets swirled in tight formation were just a couple of highlights.

Now as we walked the range of food and cover for these wild birds was clear. There was no stripping of the stubble and clearing of the margins. The yield of food for us people might be less but for the wild life, and quite possibly for our souls, it is another story. Higher Level Stewardship is a key to unlock this possibility as it supports Andy in making the farm a richer place for those of us lucky enough to be walking under the clear skies and blown rain of February or flying in swoops and bobs and spirals!

Posted on 7 Feb 2016, 21:26 - Category: education

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