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Start of the Year

The New Year opens and there have been a few bright crisp days and still alot of very wet ones. It is a joy to look up the orchard and into a clear night sky filled with stars .. and then down to the baskets to be unloaded form the mobile shop and into the barn!

January is a month for meetings and plans. The year often starts empty. What are we going to do? Then in pings emails and calls. I am now meeting .. to talk about a school interested in an overnight camp (in June you will be relieved to hear) .. with a teacher wanting a project tracking a vegetable from seed to the school dinner table discuss how the mobile shop can add to the university Go-Green week and, in partnership with Devon Development Education, ... to plan a whole city wide school "Local Food Mapping" project. We'd like to get another project up and going making it easier for groups to make contact with local farms. Now that is an Awards for All funding grant to write.

So is January quiet? Not really, just busy in a different preparing the ground sort of way and that is true to the season. Maybe the weather should follow suite!

Posted on 24 Jan 2016, 17:37 - Category: Projects

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