Love Local Food - local food for Exeter

The Mobile Shop Stops!

The Mobile Shop is out on the road for two full days a week. At other times it is available to support education and community projects.

Can't see the information? Download our route list here

Essential Information

The Stops

We keep to the timetable so that you know where to find us. We try and park in the same place however if the shop is not there look up and down the road. If you are not sure where we park drop us an email. We park, the doors open and the shop is ready .. step aboard!

The Produce

We stock over 30 different local producers. Some is organic and some is not. We can tell the stories behind everything we sell. We stock vegetables, baked goods, dairy, meats and a whole range of groceries. Check here for a longer list.

How do you pay?

We take cash, cheques and the Exeter Pound. We are sorry but we do not take cards

Can you order?

Yes you can! If there is something you would like us to order or to put back for you then drop us an email This is really good for bread! We can put together a whole shopping list so that it is ready for you.

Can you help?

Yes please! If you like what we are doing then please tell other people. We do not advertise and rely on word of mouth. If you would like to help in other ways then do please drop us an email